Klopp tells players to focus on first half Southampton performance

Last updated: 7 years ago

Liverpool were 2-0 ahead at half time against Southampton, before being eventually beaten 3-2 in a game that saw Southampton score twice in the final 7 minutes.

Klopp hinted that these results are likely with his current crop of players but urged them to focus on their first half performance:

“We can say we have to have more killer instinct in the first half or we have to play better in the second half. Both are true and both we will try in the future.

“Two things are important – we didn’t get the points and that’s not too good; on the other side, we saw how well we can play football, which we should not forget.

“I know the result is not what we wanted but we have to accept it this season, we have to take what we can get and not think always now the top four, ‘yes, no, perhaps, I don’t know’.

“Play football like we did in the first half, score goals and everybody will enjoy it and then everything is OK.”

Although any top four hopes look like a pipe dream the Liverpool boss insisted the season was far from over.

“We know things like this can happen, why should we now be out of the race completely because we lost at Southampton? Other teams lost here before and will lose here. That’s normal.

With international duty now underway Liverpool's next fixture is at home to Spurs on the 2nd April.  Spurs are currently 5 points behind league leaders Leicester.

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