Liverpool backed Dominik Szoboszlai over Mason Mount

Last updated: 10 months ago

Liverpool had shown some interest in former Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount, but decided the English premium was a price not worth paying. 

The reds signed Hungarian captain, Dominik Szoboszlai at the beginning of July 2023 just as Man United were bringing in Mason Mount.

The reds have paid £60M for the former RB Leipzig player but have agreed a five year deal with a total salary of £30M over the contract length.

Man United will pay Mason Mount £60M over the course of his contract - an amount that Liverpool baulked at.  Although Mount has Premier League experience, it is understood that Szoboszlai's attacking play and seniority at international level were addition strings to his bow.

The player is due to return to Liverpool from Budapest on the 10th July - a day ahead of the start of pre-season training.

Have the reds picked the right midfielder? Only time will tell.

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